Debrecen University Drama Festival, May 16-18, 2019


May 17 (Friday)

9 - 11 AM

"Speak the Speech": Best Practices for Performing Shakespeare

  • What is the best way to perform Shakespeare's plays today?
  • How do we make them relevant to modern audiences?
  • How do we make sure the audiences understand the words?
  • What are the most effective staging practices?

Based partly on Shakespeare's own theatrical practices and the examination of over a thousand modern performances, we will discuss what works well, what does not, and why. 

Workshop led by Dr. Jim Casey

Venue: Studio 111 (University of Debrecen)

May 18 (Saturday)

9 - 11 AM

Storytelling takes the stage
How do performing storytellers engage with traditional stories? How is storytelling reacting to different audiences, and what tools do traditional storytellers use to enhance audience engagement? How can storytelling be integrated into stage performances? Through practical examples and exercises, participants in this workshop can explore the practices of professional storytelling, and find new, playful connections between traditional tales and contemporary theater.

Workshop led by Zalka Csenge Virág, The Multicolored Lady, International Storyteller

Venue: Studio 111 (UD)


May 17 (Friday)

7 - 8 PM

Professional Guest Performance by Zalka Csenge Virág (Budapest)

Before They Left: Hungarian fairy legends  

There was a time, a time of tales and enchantment, when mortals and fairies existed together. Or so the legends say. Hungarian tradition carries many stories from that magical past - and also tells us why it came to the end, and what happened after. Through folktales, legends, and recent memories, international storyteller Csenge Virág Zalka brings Hungarian fairy lore closer to the people of today.

Venue: Studio 111 (UD)

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